Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute (UPTTI) Formerly Known as Goverment Central Textile Institute (GCTI)

Textile Technology

Mission of the Department:

  • Nurturing the budding textile technocrats with quality technical education.
  • Creating an appropriate environment of academic research and personality development of future technocrats.
  • Encouraging budding textile professionals to grow as successful entrepreneur.
  • Develop relationship between industry-academia as well as at inter-institution level to mitigate the gap between academia, industry and society.
  • Assimilation of engineering attitudes, skills and1 human values and strive for excellence to serve the demands of the industry and nation.

Vision of the Department:

Committed to deliver high quality education, promote research and establish industry-academia interaction in the field of textiles.

Faculty members in Textile Technology

Weaving Workshop

Sl.No Name of M/c Nos.
1 Handlooms 03
2 Drum winding machine 01
3 Pern Winding machine 02
4 Lanoratery model Pern Winding machine (4 spindle) 01
5 Beam Warping machine 02
6 Sectmal Warping machine (hand driven) 01
7 Plan tapper loom 04
8 Thrill tapper loom 02
9 Dobby loom (16 jachs) 05
10 Jacquard loom 03
11 Terry pile loom 01
12 Automatic loom (Pern changer) 02
13 Automatic loom (shuttle changer) 01
14 Cromton & Knowl dobby loom 01
15 Multiple Box loom 03
16 Circular knitting machine 01

Spinning Lab

Spinning lab has wide range of spinning commercial machines from old to very modern machines. Complete instructional and practical knowledge about construction and working of these commercial machines is being provided.

Name of the machines are of following:

  • A six cleaning point blow room line
  • One conventional card
  • One semi high production card
  • One high production card
  • Three conventional type draw frame.
  • One modern NSE draw frame.
  • Lap preparation system consisting of sliver lap and Ribbon lap.
  • A six head comber.
  • How a Texmaco speed frame
  • A modern speed frame with stop motion for creel, roving and pneumatic controlled movemnet of belt.
  • One ring frame with spring loaded drafting system.
  • One ring frame with pneumatic loaded drafting system.
  • One pilot ring fram with twelve plug type spindle.
  • An O.M.S. sliver to yarn spining machine
  • A fancy doubling machine.
  • A modern TFO UTS-07 of star Valkman.
  • Working models of various differentiat building motion and loading on drafting.