Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute (UPTTI) Formerly Known as Goverment Central Textile Institute (GCTI)


The Institute has qualified faculty to cater to the need of the students:

Sl. No. Name of Faculty Department
1 Dr. G. Nalankilli (Director) Textile Technology
2 Dr. Mukesh Kr.Singh Textile Technology
3 Dr. Alok Kumar Textile Technology
4 Dr. Prashant Vishnoi Man Made Fibre Technology
5 Prof Pramod Kumar Textile Technology
6 Dr. Arun Kumar Patra Textile Chemistry
7 Prof Mahendra Uttam Textile Technology
8 Prof A.K.S. Gangwar Textile Engineering
9 Dr. Indra Prakash Mishra Engineering Department
10 Dr. Mukesh Kr. Singh (Second) Basic Sciences and Humanities
11 Prof Sanjeev Kr. Rajpoot Textile Chemistry
12 Dr. Jitendra Pratap Singh Textile Technology
13 Dr. Devendra Prasad Basic Sciences and Humanities
14 Prof Shiv Govind Prasad Basic Sciences and Humanities
15 Prof Jitendra Kr. Gautam Engineering Department
16 Dr. Neelu Kambo Basic Sciences and Humanities
17 Dr. Supriyo Chakraborty Textile Technology
18 Vivek Mani Tripathi Engineering Department
19 Dr. Subhankar Maity Department of Textile Technology
20 Rakesh Kumar Srivastava Textile Chemistry
21 Nagendra Bahadur Singh Textile Technology
22 Shailendra Kumar Mishra Man Made Fibre Technology
23 Dr. Bhoomika Singh Sengar Basic Sciences and Humanities